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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fashion: pleates skirt.how to style?

Assalamualaikum and bello...

As you can see ..this what we called pleated skirt.skirt yang berjalur ..dan when you wear it, skirt itu akan
melayang layang dengan indahnya.yes! I have one..same like the above picture. ok muslimah..how can u style this? 

picture 1
Style 1: with jeans blouse.everyone must have one!because jeans blouse can fit any type of skirt or pants. or simple kemeja , and tuck in your kemeja kedalam skirt like picture number 1 or biarkan sahaja di luar like picture number 2 ( owh itu saya), nampak simple and still muslimah.

picture 2

style 2: wear your pleated skirt with simple t-shirt. a simple plain t shirt or your rock t shirt. 

picture 3

style 3: to make it more stylish wear your pleated skirt with blazer or cardigan or your leather jacket...style it your way...hmm i love the look the black pleated skirt with checkered ..

picture 4

ok thats all for today. happy reading!

All pictures come from google. Appreciation to zaralookbook.macys. and others.