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Monday, October 7, 2013

Music.Late Night Alumni

Salam and Bello!

I don't have any ideas to type.But I don't want to empty my heart my soul my dear blog.so I'm gonna make 
a review...(I guess) or  I can say luahan hati atau pandangan mengenai band LATE NIGHT ALUMNI.
OK FIRST! I know this group from a close friend, and I want to say million loves for him because he makes me fall in love with this group.so thank u!

"Finn Bjarnson stumbled upon Becky Jean Williams in the summer of 2003. "I had just been given a local Christmas CD that I had produced a couple tracks for," Finn recalls, " and as I was listening through the tracks, there she was! Her beautiful voice and style immediately struck me." A couple of phone calls later and they were in the studio together for the first time. "I had worked up this song called 'Empty Streets' and wanted to try her voice out on it..." Finn continues, "and it took off from there." Finn was already working in the studio with Ryan Raddon (Kaskade), and soon Finn, Ryan, and Becky formed Late Night Alumni."

Copy and paste from Late Night Alumni website. Jump for their website for more details www.latenightalumni.com

I fall in love with the voice of the vocalist and the song empty streets, makes me play the song again and again and again.Because the song shows how I feel. Not only "Empty Street" but the graceful song "Epilogue" make me feel calm, and aku rasakan aku dah jadi fan untuk band ni. Mungkin aku boleh katakan band ni tak dikenali ramai atau tidak sepopular band coldplay,or legendary band Nirvana, but some underground music fans may know them really well. or its only me yang tak tahu kewujudan band yang aku boleh katakan sangat bagus.shame on me.Besides aku ni jenis suka mencari lagu-lagu baru.Tak kisahla they famous or not, but this band deserve to get million fans around the world.

So along with this I share with you the link for their youtube and also the lyric for "empty streets", and i dont want to say a lot.hope you guys love this band like i do.So chill up.live it up.keep listening.keep reading!



Empty Streets

The city feels clean this time of night just empty streets and me walking home to clear my head. And though it came as no surprise. I'm affected more than I had guessed. By what was said. If this loves not meant to be. If a hearts not ready to open. If the naked eye won't see. It's broken. It's that quiet time before the dawn. And I'm half past making sense of it. Was I wrong? Should I think to give it all. In a world where not much ever seems to last long. If this loves not meant to be. If a hearts not ready to open. If the naked eye won't see. It's broken.

*Any grammar mistake? Sorry I'm not English teacher.But Insya Allah I try to do better day by day.LOL


  1. ehem ehem! siapakah gerangan si dia yang kenalkan band ni? hebat betoi penangan si dia ye,hihi :)

  2. owhh sungguh berbisa soalan ini....hahahha hanya teman biasa dear :) weeee~~